About Equal Rights in Central Asia

Equal Rights in Central Asia provides activists, lawyers, journalists, academics and other interest groups with a breadth of news related to discrimination in Central Asia. Pulling together original and existing news articles from a range of sources, activists within and outside the region can stay well informed on rights abuses and the latest developments concerning discrimination.

More specifically, the platform aims to:

  • Enhance news sharing among activists in the region;
  • Further knowledge on the international standards on equality, non-discrimination and human rights; and
  • Update those outside the region on the extent and types of discrimination faced.

Categories of Discrimination

Equal Rights in Central Asia particularly focuses on sharing news related to discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, but it also disseminates news relating to other grounds of discrimination including health, socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or other status. To allow users to easily search and find the news they are looking for, the platform categorises news items by these grounds. A full list of terms can be found on the homepage. 

Help to Expose Abuses

Equal Rights in Central Asia invites all those with an interest in combatting in discrimination and advancing equality to submit content to the platform.

Submissions may relate to original content as well as pre-existing published content. All content will be reviewed by a modifier who reserves the right to reject any content and who will give feedback if an item is rejected.

Contributors can be based anywhere in the world and can submit content either in Russian and English. To submit content please click here.